This is just part of our inventory! We keep a lot of it else where but are just showing one of each thing for simplicity's sake. We have most things in many colors made up already or in kit form. The prices on this page only reflect what has already been made. Just inquire if you are have any more questions or are interested in kits or supplies!

The Ornaments Stand along with the new Doll Dresses Stand and the chair full of all the many containers we have to package gifts!

The Supply Table! It is all for SALE!

purple and gold center peice on wooden tray $48

multi-colored center peice on silver round tray $25

gold and silver center peice with red candle on silver tray $25

Gold Centerpiecce with Wooden Tray $48
Pink and White Centerpiece with Black Sparkly tray $25
Red and White centerpiece in Bowl $25

Red and Silver Centerpiece with berries and evergreens $25.00

Many more colors and combinations available!
Red and Silver centerpiece with extra candles for Advent
$30.00 with extra candles
Oval Cream and Blue Centerpiece with evergreens and snowflakes

Round Pink and Cream Centerpiece with evergreens and snowflakes

Round Centerpiece with evergreens

Candy Cane mice $.75 and Stocking Stuffers for the pets $3.00

Wooden Ornaments $2.50

Wooden and Metal with Decorations and Raffia $2.50

Wooden Ornaments $2.50

Small Centerpieces $5.00
Snowman Soup gift in cup with saucer and matching spoon

Includes moms hot cocoa, marshmellow, Hershey kiss and candycane


Painted Wooden Ornaments with Jewels $2.50
Painted Ceramic $2.50

Cinnamon Ornaments $2.00

Painted Metal Ornaments $2.50

Painted glass with jewels $2.50 each or 6 for $12.00

Stamped Notepads

Small $1.25, Medium $1.75, Large $2.25


Thank you, "You're Invited" or All occasion (set shown)
$5.00 with 6 in a set

Candy Stocking stuffers -gift ready

Gift tags- All occasion with ribbons

Candy trains $1.50 and Candy Sleds $2.50

Pinecone Centerpieces
Large $12.00 Small $5.00

Girls (earrings) and boys (Hot Wheels) Stocking Stuffers

Snowman Soup- gift ready with bag
several choices for mugs

$6.00 or a set of 2 for $10.00

Long Rectangular Centerpieces

Note Stations Large $4.50 Small $4.00
Painted Taper candle sets $5.00

Pillar Candle with Ribbon and Cinnamon Sticks
$10.00 each or 2 for $18.00

All Purses are completely machine washable! Great for young girls!

Christmas Wonderland Purse $16.00

Dragonflies and Flowers Purse $16.00

Pink and Silver Small Centerpiece $12.00

Red and Gold Small Centerpiece with evergreens and berries $12.00

Play Dough Fun bags $6.00

"Reindeer Food" $2.00

Bath Bags $6.00

M&M Buttons
Gift Ready for $6.00
Button Pins
Large $3.00, Medium $1.75, Small $1.00

Doll Dresses

We here at Heart 2 Heart Crafters are excited about this new edition! Some friends of ours, the Lewis Ladies, are adding some lovely things to the Heart 2 Heart Inventory! We hope you enjoy these lovely doll clothes this Christmas Season. Please note also that just while taking pictures, I noticed that all of the raw edges are zig-zagged to prevent fraying. These really are great quality!
Autumn Floral dress $17
Autumn Leaves jumper with Yellow Blouse $17
Autumn Leave Dress $16
Purple Floral Dress $15
Blue Floral skirt with White blouse $12
Red Snowflake Dress $15
Purple Floral Dress with short sleeves $12
Light Blue Floral dress $17
Light Purple Dress with white lace $12
Red Snowflake Jumper with White Blouse $15
Red Snowflake skirt with White Blouse $15
Gingerbread Man jumper with red blouse $17
Gingerbread Man skirt with Red blouse $14
Light Blue Jumper with White Blouse $15
Blue Snowman Dress $15
Blue Snowman Jumper with White Blouse $15
Autumn Leaves Skirt with Cream Blouse $15
Fall Acorns Skirt with Tan Blouse $16