This is just part of our inventory! We keep a lot of it else where but are just showing one of each thing for simplicity's sake. We have most things in many colors made up already or in kit form. The prices on this page only reflect what has already been made. Just inquire if you are have any more questions or are interested in kits or supplies!

The Ornaments Stand along with the new Doll Dresses Stand and the chair full of all the many containers we have to package gifts!

The Supply Table! It is all for SALE!

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  1. You all are amazing! Love the blog. What a lot of work, and everything presented so beautifully and for reasonable prices! I hope to be able to stop by. Miss you very, very much -- all of your warm smiles, hugs and friendship. Blessings and think of you OFTEN, Lydia Young (Southview!)