purple and gold center peice on wooden tray $48

multi-colored center peice on silver round tray $25

gold and silver center peice with red candle on silver tray $25

Gold Centerpiecce with Wooden Tray $48
Pink and White Centerpiece with Black Sparkly tray $25
Red and White centerpiece in Bowl $25

Red and Silver Centerpiece with berries and evergreens $25.00

Many more colors and combinations available!
Red and Silver centerpiece with extra candles for Advent
$30.00 with extra candles
Oval Cream and Blue Centerpiece with evergreens and snowflakes

Round Pink and Cream Centerpiece with evergreens and snowflakes

Round Centerpiece with evergreens

Candy Cane mice $.75 and Stocking Stuffers for the pets $3.00

Wooden Ornaments $2.50

Wooden and Metal with Decorations and Raffia $2.50

Wooden Ornaments $2.50

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  1. absolutely love the candle centerpiece inspiration!