Doll Dresses

We here at Heart 2 Heart Crafters are excited about this new edition! Some friends of ours, the Lewis Ladies, are adding some lovely things to the Heart 2 Heart Inventory! We hope you enjoy these lovely doll clothes this Christmas Season. Please note also that just while taking pictures, I noticed that all of the raw edges are zig-zagged to prevent fraying. These really are great quality!
Autumn Floral dress $17
Autumn Leaves jumper with Yellow Blouse $17
Autumn Leave Dress $16
Purple Floral Dress $15
Blue Floral skirt with White blouse $12
Red Snowflake Dress $15
Purple Floral Dress with short sleeves $12
Light Blue Floral dress $17
Light Purple Dress with white lace $12
Red Snowflake Jumper with White Blouse $15
Red Snowflake skirt with White Blouse $15
Gingerbread Man jumper with red blouse $17
Gingerbread Man skirt with Red blouse $14
Light Blue Jumper with White Blouse $15
Blue Snowman Dress $15
Blue Snowman Jumper with White Blouse $15
Autumn Leaves Skirt with Cream Blouse $15
Fall Acorns Skirt with Tan Blouse $16

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  1. Wow, Becca! These are beautiful! You and your sister are very productive!